Ap Euro Chapter 19 Essay

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Chapter 19

1. The American War for Independence was when the colonists decided they were sick of paying taxes to the British, and they were sick of being under Britain’s rule. The revolution started when the stamp act was put in place in 1765. This led to riots. Also, the Americans and the Britain’s had very different views on how a country should be run. For example, Britain believed in a supreme authority. America believed in having representatives of the people. The colonists kept rioting until they finally decided in 1776, to declare their independence. The Declaration of Independence was approved on July 4, 1776. It was a great risk fighting Britain because they had a very strong army. However, if they hadn’t taken that risk, we
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Clergy didn’t have to pay taxes. The top people of this estate lived like nobility. However, even in the first estate, the parish priests were poor and lived like commoners. The second estate of people consists of nobility. There were about 350,000 people in this estate. They owned 25 to 30 percent of the land. Nobles had a very important role in France. They had leading positions in the government and they had military leaders. Some of the nobles were very wealthy. The wealthy nobles were the ones with really high ranks in the government. There were also poor nobles. Although they were considered nobles, they had the lower end of the government jobs. The third estate was the commoners. The third estate is basically who kept France functioning. Their wealth varied greatly! The commoners made up 75 to 80 percent of the population. The peasants made up most of this. The peasants had to pay their landlords, and they had to pay to use the village facilities. They were among the poorest of the poor. Above them there were the artisans, shopkeepers, and other wage earners. But they were still third estate. 4. The eve of the French Revolution had many problems. First of all, the food shortage was at its worst. People were beginning to starve. One third of the population couldn’t afford enough food to live. Also, the country women didn’t have enough money to afford stockings or shoes. Plowmen didn’t have enough for stockings either. The parliament kept pushing for

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