Ap Biology Lab 11: Animal Behavior Essays

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Lab 11: Animal Behavior

Introduction Ethology is the study of animal behavior. There are two specific categories of behavior: learned ad innate. Orientation behaviors place the animal in their specific environment. Animals move away from sensory input in taxis where as behavior is the response to sensory input. Stimulus’ of light, heat, moisture, sound, or chemicals are mostly found in taxis. Kinesis is the movement that does not result in orientation with stimulus. When animals respond to each other by aggressive or submissive responses, they exhibit agonistic behavior. In a complex series of activities that allow finding, courting, and mating, species exhibit mating behavior.

Methods and Materials
11a- For this experiment, you
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5. Is the isopod’s response to moisture best classified as kinesis or taxis?
-Taxis. Because the response is exhibited through a stimulus, being the moisture. 1. Develop a hypothesis concerning the pillbugs response to the factor.
-When immersed in a dry environment, the pillbugs will migrate to the wet environment. 2. a. State the objective of your experiment.
-To show that the pillbugs prefer a wet environment and will respond to a dry stimulus. b. List the materials you will use.
-Petri dishes and pillbugs. c. Outline your procedure.
-Using two petri dishes connected, on one make a moist environment and the other completely dry. Place two pillbugs into the dry side of the petri dish and two into the wet side. Observe for ten minutes. Notice how the pillbugs in the dry environment moved to their favorable environment, moisture.

11b- page 134 Designing an experiment. Will males placed in a vial with only males demonstrate courtship behaviors?
-Males places in a vial with only males will not demonstrate courtship.
-Prove that males will not demonstrate courtship behaviors when placed in a vial with other males.
-Materials: Three vials of male flies, one vial of female flies, stereoscopic microscope.
-To exemplify what courtship behaviors are, place one vial of male flies into the female fly vial. Observe courtship behaviors such as wing vibrations, waving, tapping, licking, circling, and stamping. This can also

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