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Alberto Alonso December 8, 2012
A.P. American History DBQ Essay #2
1. “The opponents of the annexation of Texas and the Mexican War attacked slavery as the root cause of expansion, but in fact it was no more important than other causes.” Assess the validity of this statement, using the documents and your knowledge of U.S. history from 1820-1860 to support your answer. During the early-mid part of the 19th century (mainly 1820-1860) Americans objected many things they didn’t like. Taxes, the government, even presidents were some of the rejections of the people. But the one thing the people did not like during this time period was the annexation of Texas and the Mexican
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Document C also talks about slavery. It states that, “The slave population of America…must be increased.” Texas is annexed; it will benefit the South in moving some slaves out of the “superabundant slave population” and will ultimately improve the living conditions of slaves because they wouldn’t be as crowded. You see, slavery was an important cause for expansion, but the idea of manifest destiny was just as important. The idea of manifest destiny came about the early part of the 19th century. People who believed in manifest destiny believed that America should be able to expand to the entirety of North America. In Document A, Thomas Hart Benson says, “…the American population has begun to extend itself to the Oregon [Territory]…I say to them all, Go on!” People like Mr. Benson want America to expand because they want the world to show the world how prosperous America is. In Document D, John L. O’Sullivan said, “A population will soon be in actual occupation of California.” In this document, Sullivan was talking about the California Gold Rush (1848- 1855). Since many people on the eastern side of America have been hearing about the sightings of gold in California, many people decided to venture out to California to collect some of it. Thousands of people rushed to California that it was given the term “gold rush”. The gold rush allowed America to expand itself into California, which was supported by the

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