Anytime Fitness Business Analysis

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In today’s world organisations compete each other in order to distinguish their company in the field of service and quality within a particular market. Successful service providers understand the need of qualified employees, the investment in technology and company policy so that they meet their clients’ expectations and satisfy their needs (Brown, Gummesson, 1991). What is really important to deliver the right message to the target audience is to select employees who are really dedicated and involved in working with people as they directly represent their organisation.
As a fast-growing franchise business Anytime Fitness currently have 2,500 territories sold and a membership base of over 1,000,000. Thanks to the organisation’s standardization
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The membership cards Anytime Fitness provides are on a contractual basis where monthly fees are applicable; also membership cards can be used in every Anytime Fitness facility for clients’ convenience. Generally, the pricing strategy is set pursuant to the local completion, as the service the enterprise offer is not low-class the prices will be higher than low cost gyms. On the other hand, the prices will lower than in luxurious gyms because with middle range prices the facility will attract more customers. The mid-range prices aim to attract more people from the luxurious gyms and to entice client from other fitness clubs due to better service. However, the location of the gym also must be taken into consideration as it influences the range of prices (Kapoor R., 2011), it is very common that people go to gyms which are near to their homes. Anytime Fitness will be located in the centre of Varna so it will be available for large flow of people from all ages, subsequently there will be more competition and this will lead to decrease in prices but due to the location prices will keep medium …show more content…
At the beginning the enterprise will be focused on advertising which will include advertising on newspapers, radio targeting adults, handouts at local shopping centres, direct mail, advertising with local nutrition stores and chamber of commerce events. For the first 12 months the advertising is critical for the company as it is a new business through which it should reach the target market and be cost effective (Wild J., 2007). With very active advertising campaign must be achieved brand awareness so people make the difference between Anytime Fitness and other gyms. Further customers will receive excellent service and to keep this level, new customers will be asked to give feedback about how they have heard about the gym. The responses will be monitored and tracked in order to help to develop future advertising strategies. In addition it will be implemented a referral program which will enable the current customers to get benefits referring friends, relatives and

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