Anxiety, Trauma, And Stress Essay

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Learning Objective 12.4 is about anxiety, trauma, and stress. An anxiety disorder is excessive or unrealistic worry and fearfulness. Free-floating Anxiety is one that is unrelated to any realistic source. Another disorder is Panic Disorder which is panic attacks that cause daily difficulty. A panic attack is sudden and very intense where there are physical symptoms of stress and there is a feeling that you are going to die. A General Anxiety Disorder is excessive anxieties and worries that occur more days than not and happens for more than six months. One of my older sisters, Jazmyne, has a general anxiety disorder and has suffered from many anxiety attacks. When she was younger her anxiety was so bad that she tried to commit suicide a couple times. Playing sports in high school made her relax a lot so she never went to a doctor for her disorder. Now while she is in college she has a lot more stress added on to her life including three different jobs, a boyfriend, and keeping up in school. She doesn’t have a lot of friends either so that added on to her stress as well. She spent five years struggling with this until finally last year she was put on medication, Doxepin, for her panic attacks and mild depression. She gets the high levels of stress and anxiety from our mother, but instead of getting panic attacks from stress, my mom gets very bad migraines. I remember coming home from a friend’s house one weekend and seeing my sister laying on the floor of our living room…

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