Essay on Anxiety, Symptoms, And Therapy

1954 Words Jan 10th, 2015 8 Pages
Prior to researching anxiety, as well as its causes, symptoms, and therapy I had a personal issue with it inside of my family. My sister during her first year of college started to have anxiety issues, which later led to her becoming depressed as well as being diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. During this time it was rough on our family and caused a lot of tension throughout the house. These conditions caused her to have to come home from her college for a year and to transfer to a different one the next. Although my sister has gotten a hundred times better than from the point she was just a few years ago, her personality is far from what it used to be before she started having anxiety attacks and depression. It is kind of sad to say that one’s personality changes, but it is very true, it was odd to see someone in my life change so suddenly. However, during my research it was interesting to learn the biological reasoning behind this disorder because it is relevant to my everyday life. In addition, I understand how important it is that those who are suffering from anxiety should receive therapy. There was a point in time where my sister was in the denial stage of her issue, but she persevered through it and realized that she really did need help. Even though the climax to her anxiety and depression issues occurred about four and a half years ago, she still is on medication and goes to a doctor when she is feeling a need to talk to someone about how she is feeling. Overall, I…

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