Anxiety Or Depression Essay

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Have you Suffered with anxiety or depression ?

Have you ever suffered with both ?

I have … I do everyday … and I can tell you its not nice. I was diagnosed with anxiety a long time ago when i started getting panic attacks and hurting my self. Nothing major or serious, Just so I noticed and no one else did (I will take about that another time). I was diagnosed with depression last year (just before i reached 32) around February and i started on medication straight away. Although i was only diagnosed last year i have been suffering with this for many many years. I went to my doctor when i was 17 just after i had my son ans was told the way I was feeling was normal.

Now I new what and how I was feeling was not normal not by a long shot. I
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As long as the people in my life at the time we happy that’s all that mattered. I think that’s where my anxiety kicked in. i was constantly in fear that something would happen to some one i loved. I became more and more scared of losing my son. When my son was 10months old I got a job. Every shift… 2-3 times in 7 hours, I would ring my mum to see if my son was OK. I would also text her just to check make sure.

As time went on I worked a lot more, But my anxiety only got worse. I changed jobs into care and support and still i would contact my mum some times spending half every 2-3 on phone just chatting so I new everyone OK. As yrs went by i learnt to deal with my anxiety in my own way but mu moods where something else. one day I would be fine next day I would be really low snapping at people. That part was not easy but i had to think of my
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Also to how many people suffer in silence. My partner does not and will probably never will understand what its like for some one who suffers depression. Why? because I don’t think depression is something you can understand unless you are living with it. All he thinks and see’s is me being moody , OCD and having panic attacks. He tells me to not to be silly and its just in my head. He is right it is in my head but i am far from being silly. depression is a mental health disease, That people will never understand unless then study it or suffer from it. Please don’t suffer in silence i am happy to chat to anyone who is suffering. not matter what stage they at with

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