Anxiety Disorders And Its Effects Essay

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Anxiety disorders are on the rise in our country, because of the multifarious etiological influences surrounding this mental illness, anxiety is often misdiagnosed: are we causing an anxiety epidemic? The interconnection of the biological, psychological and environmental influences of this disorder is often debated, questioning the true origin; is anxiety predetermined by our genetic makeup or do social and cognitive influences shape the severity of the disease. I believe all these factors play an equally import role because, their influences are mutually dependent in the etiology and development of this maladaptive disorder (Oltmanns, 2015).
First let us examine the biological factors at work, according to Oltmanns anxiety is a beneficial adaptive force that is genetically driven, operating with our sensitivity fear patterns and neurotransmitters of the Amygdala (2015). Fear and worry play an important role in helping us with the expectation of upcoming events and stressful situations. It is normal to feel worry or fear, but when there is a biological misfiring (bad genes) of the neurotransmitters in fear processing during a negative stimuli, the effects can create maladaptive behaviors, such as panic attacks and General anxiety disorders (Oltmanns,2015). The longitudinal study of adult twins has shown that certain anxiety disorders are linked to our genes, that predisposition to “bad genes” coupled with a negative stimuli cause certain anxiety disorders (Kendler, Eaves,…

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