Anxiety Disorder Essay

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Influence of Early Life Experiences on Anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorder is a mental health description for all forms of uneasiness, excessive worry,and phobias of life events. Such fears can based on events that happened or just imagination and it affects the physical well-being of a person. Different studies have shown that anxiety disorders in different family members overlap. This may be due to the factors experienced while growing up, family factors and genetic transmission. A Childs needs and issues are diverse but a general assessment would indicate that all early experiences can lead to psychological problems. For example, a need to over-achieve, an anxiety disorder of a generalized nature
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The theory has advanced to talk of gene survival which Barone (2003) suggests increases the proximity of a child and his or her caregiver. The attachment theory currently is not the first line of therapy for psychiatrist but would serve to offer a good explanation of the same (Barone, 2003). Common psychiatric disorders can clearly trace their roots to the child-caregiver relationships (Barone, 2003). This same theory can also form a part of the therapeutic treatment of several mental elements affecting adults; more so, anxiety disorders can trace the roots from the attachment a child develops for his or her caregiver.

In Bowlbys insight of the theory of attachment, when a child grows attached to an individual, the child seeks to be close to that individual and even more so to be in close proximity to this individual in case of a scare or any mishap such as illness (Bowlby, 1969). The first attachment is usually towards the primary caregiver who provides a secure atmosphere that enables the child to be secure and through it experience the changes in the atmosphere. These early relationships play a big part in the cognitive, social and general emotional development.

Attachment is presently accepted as an integral part of the adult life with many intimate relationships taking the form of attachment. Such traits that maintain the attachment with lovers for example adapt and change as the individuals grow and experience

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