Kant 451 Week 1 Summary Chapter 1

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If we now focus on chapter 11 based on psychological disorders, the pages 448 - 451 include information on Anxiety and Stress Disorder. The textbook refers anxiety as a disorder in which an individual hold feelings that are uncomfortable, dreadful and worrying. The textbook mainly focuses on Anxiety Disorders but does include that anxiety may happen on a day-to-day basis, in which too much of it may become hazardous. A person who has been experiencing anxiety may be for the reason that they are stressed about a certain situation and or might feel worried about a negative outcome from a certain situation. They build up a sense of anxiety as they feel that they will not be able to do anything that will prevent the bad situation or do anything …show more content…
The article does not specify what type of anxiety the woman must experience in order to have her child at risk. However, the textbook gives a wide range of different types that the woman might go through and all might hold an importance for the health of both the mother and child. Although the textbook does not focus on the study of pregnancy specifically, it does cover how to reduce stress. This can be helpful to those mothers who need to cope with a situation that is too hard to handle or simply when she starts to build up anxiety. Chapter 12 “Health, Stress and Coping” can broaden our knowledge on this.
The article requests that pregnant women should take approaches in reducing their stress levels to reduce the amount of anxiety they experience. In the textbook stress coping is referred to different types of behavior strategies that will help reduce stress levels and further help us when we need to cope with certain situations. The article does not go into depth about how to reduce stress levels nor which exercises to perform. However, the textbook provides some information about what exercises women can

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