Antwone Fisher Movie Analysis Essay

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Social History & Treatment Plan

I. Study
A. Identifying Information
The client is a 26 year old, single, male, African American. He is an active duty ship’s serviceman seaman serving in the United States Navy, aboard the USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3). Seaman (SN) Fisher is residing on board the USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3) that is permanently stationed at San Diego Naval Base, 32nd Street in California. SN Fisher was given orders to report to Navy Mental Health Services Department on base as Involuntary Command Referral for diagnosis and treatments, to get an evaluation and expert psychiatric recommendation about whether the service member is mentally fit to stay in the United States Navy. SN Fisher is unwilling to begin counseling,
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SN Fisher’s day-to-day activities revolved around his job in the Navy. As a ship’s serviceman his duties are to operate the ship’s laundry facility, barber shop, ship’s store and vending machines. When the USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3) is in port, it is moored on the piers of the 32nd St Naval Base in San Diego, California. SN Fisher’s environment has access to all the basic needs of a young man. F. Current Social Functioning (as reported by client or gleaned from other reports) SN Fisher claims no knowledge of his biological parents. He was placed in the Tate’s foster home at the age of two. The foster home belongs to Reverend Tate. They attended church three times on Sunday, bible study on Tuesday, YPWW meeting on Wednesday and choir rehearsal on Friday. SN Fisher expressed during their conversations that Reverend Tate would beat Dwight because he was too proud but the reverend never laid hands on him because he pitied SN Fisher and he liked him for that. Mrs. Tate would tie SN Fisher and his foster brothers whenever they made a mistake in the house, and beat them with a wet towel. Mrs. Tate would also mentally abuse SN Fisher by scaring him with paper burning because he was afraid of fire. SN Fisher and his foster brothers were also verbally abused by Mrs. Tate through racial slurs, SN Fisher explained that Dwight ended up in

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