Antwone Fisher, Directed By Denzel Washington Essay example

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The movie Antwone Fisher, directed by Denzel Washington, is a biographical film detailing the life of Antwone Fisher. The story begins when Antwone Fisher, played by Derek Luke, has an emotional outburst, after a fellow shipmate says a few offensive words, as a result, it leads to Being demoted, and sent to a psychiatrist as a punishment. Throughout the unraveling of the story, it shows how this punishment forced Fisher to face if problematic attitude and heal old wounds. Thanks to Dr. Davenport, played by Denzel Washington, Fisher was able to surpass what hunted him from his past and his new insecurities. Fisher faces many obstacles and challenges throughout his story, coming from a broken foster home where he was abused mentally , physically, and sexually, left a wound in him that he had not dealt with in a long time. it wasn 't until he met Dr. Davenport that he was forced to face his harsh past, the past he had tried to burry and forget. Through the psychiatric sessions Fisher finally opened up and began to tell his life story to Davenport, revealing a harsh life of abandonment and abuse. From the day he was born, Fisher never had a chance to meet his father, who had been killed by one of his girlfriends a month before his birth, He had been abandoned by someone even before he had even born. He was abandoned by his Mother after she never showed up after bring released from prison. Fisher’s childhood was full of disappointments and abuse. after years of abuse by his…

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