Antwone Fisher Determined or Free Essay

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Martin Bidzinski
Ms. Vander Burgt
3 October 2011
Antwone Fisher, Determined or Free? The film Antwone Fisher is an autobiographical drama based on the true story of Antwone Fisher’s problematic days growing up. Antwone Fisher (Derek Luke) is a sailor in the U.S. Navy with an explosive attitude, whom is ordered to see a naval psychiatrist, Dr. Jerome Davenport (Denzel Washington), about his volatile temper. Slowly Fisher begins to reveal the emotional problems that ultimately trigger this rage. The viewer learns that Antwone’s father was killed and his mother, subsequently ended up arrested and giving birth to Antwone in prison. Soon after, Antwone was sent to a foster home managed by Mr. And Mrs. Tate (Ellis Williams and
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Everyday while Antwone was walking to school, he always believed that his mom would be standing around the corner ready to take him home. Day after day Antwone has been let down by his hope and beliefs essentially causing him to lose trust in his thoughts and also a loss of trust in his own long-term thoughts about his future, essentially reinforcing his difficulty in forming long-term relationships. His father also abandoned him after he was shot by his ex-wife. Ever since Antwone and his father never had a chance to meet with each other, Antwone was left behind with loose thoughts in his head with reference to ‘If my father was still alive, what would my life be like?’. Due to the fact that Antwone never had a father figure in his past, once he realized that Dr.Davenport filled this hole, Antwone did not want to let him abandon him as did his own father. Antwone also believed that his childhood best friend, Jesse, abandoned him leaving him without a good friend, never minding a real family. Jesse was shot and killed in-front of Antwone during a botched convenience store robbery. Antwone stated that Jesse is the lucky one for being dead and not having to fight anymore. Jesse’s abandonment affected Antwone in his ability in forming relationships seeing that every time he spends time developing a relationship, it ends with Antwone being left alone with nothing and nobody to look up to.

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