Antropology Essay1

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The Four Sub-Fields of Anthropology Anthropology is the discipline that examines all human beings and their beliefs. Since anthropology is extremely broad, no single anthropologists can master the entire discipline, therefore most of them specialize in one of the four principal subfields. This is so because the discipline of anthropology is subdivided into four discrete subfields, which include physical, Archaeology, Anthropological linguistic and cultural anthropology. Therefore, what brings the four sub-field of the anthropology together as a discipline is the history of the theoretical approaches, which promote cultural diversity and field research as a unique methodology. Therefore, the paper focuses on the four sub-fields of …show more content…
Therefore, in order to handle these past records, archaeologists developed the specialty of cultural management referred to as public archaeology. The objective of the form of applied archaeology is to ensure that the laws are effectively followed. Anthropological linguistics focuses on the study of language in the historical, social and structural contexts. This subfield study human language and speech because humans are the only species that have systems of symbolic communication and in most difficulty form. Research indicates that language is the main unique feature of human beings because without language people cannot acquire and transmit the culture from one generation to the next. In additional, the anthropological linguistics are further divided into four unique subsections such as historical, descriptive, ethnolinguistics and sociolinguistics. The sociolinguistics evaluates how language is used in diverse social context while ethnolinguistics studies the relationship between language and culture. In additional, historical linguistics examines how language emerges and changes over time while descriptive linguistics studies how languages are structured (Ferraro and Andreatta, 2011). Meanwhile, the cultural anthropology is the branch, which evaluates similarities and differences among contemporary cultures of the globe. Therefore, this subfield is divided into ethnography and ethnology.

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