Essay on Antonio Alarcon 's Life And Life

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When Antonio Alarcon was 6 years old his parents left Mexico and came to the United States in search of a better life. At the age of 11 his parents decided to bring him, and since his little brother was too young to make the dangerous border crossing he had to stay in Mexico with his grandparents. When the time to cross the border came Antonio received 1 bottle of water, and a couple of tuna and corn cans. He states that the light of the moon was his only ally. He says that while he was crossing the desert, minutes passed like hours, and hours were eternity, and they didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. When Antonio finally arrived to the United States of America he joined his family. Antonio states that while he attended school, he watched his parents work, and be exploited for seven days a week in order to provide everything for him at home. Even amongst the constant lassitude of his parents, they gave Antonio the strength he needed to overcome any barrier. Antonio remembers the last day he saw his brother and grandparents, he thought that he was going to see them soon but it didn’t turn out to be that way. It 's been 9 years since the last time he saw his brother, and his grandparents died, and due to his immigration status he couldn 't attend to their funerals. All this suffering and emotional pain is attributed to a dream. A dream of working hard to improve a lifestyle, and like this sad case there are millions more. For some people the illegal immigrants are a group…

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