Anton Chekhov 's The Three Sisters Essay

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In Anton Chekhov 's The Three Sisters, Irina is detailed as a naive young woman who believes that through work, happiness in life can be achieved. Irina, in the beginning, also has a passive vision of how to achieve personal life goals or dreams by continuously expressing interest of living in Moscow but never making plans to actually go. Masha, by the end of the play, discovers with Vershinin that love represents happiness between individuals and not the dissatisfying relationship that is expressed between Masha and her husband, Kulygin. Olga learns responsibility, as throughout the play she is a caretaker for her sisters and is quick to assist those in need, especially after the fire in the town.

Irina is the youngest of the sisters, which I believe assists in understanding why she has the most maturing to do compared to her sisters. She is not married and like most young individuals she has desires she would like to pursue. She wants to obtain a job, so she can have a sense of fulfillment in her life. Irina does not realize the amount of dedication that is needed in a job compared to her passive lifestyle. Irina’s desires are continually announced, yet she never actually acts on them. By the end of the play, learns that we must actively achieve our dreams rather than be passive in life. Furthermore, she also discovers that any individual’s destiny can occasionally expose itself to be something entirely different from what was expected; however, even though she has…

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