Anton Chekhov And Fyodor Dostoyevsky Essay

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When Russian literature is mentioned, the two giants Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky overshadow the majority of other writers. However, it is not the case for Anton Chekhov. Chekhov emerged into the scene during the 19th century, the same time as Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. As a short-stories writer and dramatist, Chekhov made a mark for himself, as he is “the only other one to make much of an impression abroad.” (Brians) Chekhov wrote during the early 1900s, when Russia saw “the rise of the bourgeoisie, the decline of the aristocracy, and the imminence of revolution.” (Lewis) Russia was in a transition toward Stalinism. During such period, literature shifted away from old Romanticism and toward Realism. The old, traditional ideology Russia faded and replaced by Communism ideology. While pluralism dominated and Russians joined the flow, Chekhov believed otherwise. He advocated for personal liberty and against authoritarian.
Chekhov was born to a poor family of serf - peasant who “were still treated as the property of their feudal masters and could be bought and sold, though they had a few more rights than slaves.” (Brians) Although Czar Alexander II abolished the wrongful treatment of serfs, they remained in poverty as there were no land for them to own. Hunger, oppression and desperation called for them to revolt, (Unknown) and such revolution came under the ideology of Communism. Chekhov’s family reflects the society at the moment. Communism came with authoritarian, and…

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