Antoinette And White Niggers

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Register to read the introduction… Her past, which involved slave ownership, has not only caused resentment among the blacks in the town, but also with the whites living there. She has no identity and cannot relate to any one group and is often given remarks by other people such as “White cockroach, go away, go away. Nobody wants you. Go away” and “Real white people they got gold money. They didn’t look at us, nobody see them come near us. Old time white people nothing but white nigger now, and black nigger better than white nigger.” These quotes best show her lost identity and the way the other people look at her and her family who are perceived as “white niggers”. Such a term is very contradictory in the sense that the two words are complete opposite of others. However with such a social record like Antoinettes, the term was coined to insult her and her family making an inference that even they are worse than the newly freed blacks. Despite this unpopularity, Antoinette can in ways relate to the black people in her community, this is demonstrated in her through her childhood friendship with Tia and her lifetime relationship with Christophine. Even with these small friendships, this further isolates Antoinette since she knows that she will never be able to be a part of this black …show more content…
They both have pros and cons that make it hard to distinguish who if any is the bad apple of the pair. Although they come from different worlds they are more similar than what they actually realize. For or better or worse they both become part of a wicked twisted relationship in which they both use each for feelings of passion and lust but at the end of the novel they end up being each other’s detriment. During their honeymoon you can see the decline from their so called “happy” marriage. Jealousy, annoyance and hatred soon fill the air. It soon gets to the point that they both try to get one edge over the other. They both use each other to cover up the others weaknesses and pasts, Antoinette wishes to escape from the isolation she has experienced her entire life and marries Rochester for that reason. Rochester wants a position of power and marries simply for business purposes. He wants to feel more important than just the invisible and unimportant son he has been in his fathers’ life. His “smart” decision to marry soon comes into question as he realizes that he decides that he has made a terrible mistake, as he comes to believe that he has been tricked into marrying a girl with bad blood in her veins. Rochester retaliates for this perceived deception by taking his cruelty out on his new wife. He claims to be upset when he finds out Antoinette comes from a history of slave owners but he himself sleeps with a servant and then just sends her off with a couple of dollars. That is not too different from what Antoinette has done with her workers, he in facts he humiliates Amelia in a much more offensive way, he uses her like an object, a sexual object and with no consequences gets away with it. This is Rochester eminently exercising his power as a white English

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