Essay on Antitrust Laws And Physician Groups

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Antitrust Laws and Physician Groups
There have been many changes in health care over the last fifty years and many of these changes have been related to technology and the delivery of patient care. Consumers have more than just one physician these days and there is literally a specialist for almost every diagnosis. Over the last ten years professionals in the Health care field have had to face the government’s decision of investigating illegal behavior and prosecuting if necessary. Large companies are gathering up as many facilities as possible and attempting to merge many physician groups to reduce competition and the potential for better reimbursements. Many corporations are finding road blocks to these business mergers due to antitrust laws and law suits that result in the enforcement of these laws.
Investigation of Antitrust
The Federal Trade Commission filed a claim against St. Luke’s Health System in Boise, Idaho regarding a 2012 addition of physicians to an already substantial physician group consisting of forty physicians. The claim describes a medical group attempting to violate antitrust laws due to its 2012 attainment of Nampa, Idaho-based Saltzer Medical Group (Schencker 2015). According to the United States District Court, “St. Luke’s started buying independent physician groups to construct and assemble a team dedicated in practicing combined medicine within a system where reimbursement depended on patient outcomes”(US District of Idaho 2014). This…

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