Thesis And Concurrence In Leadership

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Antithesis and Concurrence in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Strategy by: Gagandeep Rakhra
The principles of management are ever so relevant, and constantly evolve to cater to our society in this day and age. Such principles include, but are not limited to, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Strategy. Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Strategy have differences that create its own spotlight as individual management principles as well as similarities that bring them together and are interconnected.
Primarily, Leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization and establishing a clear vision to share with followers who will follow willingly (Leadership, 2017). An example of someone who uses leadership would be a manager
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Leadership and Entrepreneurship both display features of a leader who leads the group and envisions a path to success. Furthermore, they motivate the followers and provide direction to further organize and improve the working relationship between management and employees to instill loyalty and dedication to the organization (Leadership and Entrepreneurship, 2017). On the other hand, Leadership and Strategy are important for organizations to thrive as the leader needs to plan maneuvers for potential obstacles that might come in the way. In addition, when leaders formulate strategic goals correctly, it sets clear guidelines for the organization’s daily actions (Management Principles v1.1. 2012). Similarly, with Leadership, Entrepreneurship also goes hand in hand with Strategy, as an entrepreneur is the head of their organization who needs to plan for hurdles that would block their company’s progress. Moreover, it is critical for entrepreneurs to strategize as they have to make choices for short-term and long-term goals. Whether it’s for product design to develop the market or using resources at hand more efficiently, planning on a regular base is what supports entrepreneurs alike (Entrepreneurship and Strategy, …show more content…
Leadership and Entrepreneurship might share aspects such as motivating members of their organization, the entrepreneur has much more responsibility as they are normally characterized as innovators and risk takers. Not all leaders are entrepreneurs however, all entrepreneurs must be leaders in order to develop, manage and organize the business such that when even facing the risks they do so with willingly. (Entrepreneurship, 2017). Moreover, Leadership and Strategy are different in the sense that one is a character trait found in most individuals while the other is a plan of action, respectively. If one does not have a strategy, then one does not know where you are going, however, when that individual does come up with a plan and guides other, then one has a leader. Similarly, with Leadership, Entrepreneurship and strategy are just as diverse where being an entrepreneur comes with responsibilities just as organizing, maintaining, and further innovating the company, however, all that requires strategic planning. Even though entrepreneur’s constituent of envisioning a desirable future for the organization, strategic planning is what creates a systematic process for achieving that future (Strategic planning,

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