Essay on Antisocial Personality Disorder And Personality Disorders

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Antisocial personality disorder is usually described as a personality disorder in which a person’s cognition and personality is impaired. This symptom causes an individual to suffer from both self and interpersonal functioning. According to the DSM-V, an individual with antisocial personality disorder must exhibit antagonism and disinhibiting. They also have impaired personal and interpersonal functioning. This disorder is closely connected to criminal behavior. An individual with antisocial personality disorder are not concerned with the right or wrongs of life. The individuals tend to manipulate and treat others inappropriately. This individual would commit a crime but they tend no to show any remorse for violating the laws. Individuals are usually addicted or have problems with alcohol and drugs. They are unable to perform their responsibility to their families. The individuals tend to have problems holding a job and have problems in school. The reason behind choosing this topic is that it is an interesting topic for the research and to gain in-depth knowledge about treatments and their outcomes.
In order to be classified as antisocial personality disorder, researchers are identifying individual with this disorder using resting-state MRI. The most common tools to assess antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) are the PDQ-4+ and PDI-IV, which stands for personality diagnostic questionnaire-4+, and personality disorder interview. The PDQ-4+ is tested by a professional…

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