Antiquated Greek Astronomy And Astrology Influence Essay

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Antiquated Greek Astronomy and Astrology Influences

The big ball of fire in the middle of space with smaller versions of itself all around -that can be made into shapes (constellations) when you play connect the dots with them-, surrounding the planet holding the resources to produce life along with a small moon circling the planet as it orbits around the big ball of fire that is made of Hydrogen and Helium. That little planet that can create life was populated and civilization has grown from there and the humans have come up with theories as to what their world looked like from space and what was encompassing them. They’ve questioned how they were made and what “thing” or “things” made it possible for them to exist and how those “things” created the mysterious weather from the
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One theory that was argued for a time was if the earth was a sphere. There was hypothesis that the earth was square. There were four corners and the mountains were at the edge, supporting the vault of the sky. However, Aristotle disagreed due to all the evidence he devised. He noticed the gradual disappearance of ships over the horizon, the tops of the sails disappearing last. There was also the shape of the curved shadows of the earth on the moon during eclipses and the variation of the star’s elevation with latitude. The fact that one sees new stars as ones move north or south on the earth’s surface was a backing to this idea. Another one, which most wouldn’t guess would be elephants. When someone travels west from Greece, they find elephants (African). When someone travels East they’ll find elephants (Asian) and they won’t realize they are different kinds of elephants. They would think that when they were traveling they ended up in the same place but going in opposite directions. Aristotle was a great astronomer and he’s the reason the world knows the planet is a sphere. Another theory that the Greeks had was that they weren’t the

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