Antigone Vs Creon Essay

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I do not feel that both Antigone and Creon’s positions were equally defensible. However, both Creon and Antigone have strong beliefs and opposing conflicts about what is important to them. For example, Creon’s devotion is solely towards protecting the state and enforcing civil disobedience to ensure the laws are not broken. As king, Creon wants to be both feared and respected by the citizens so that he doesn’t appear as a weak King. By enforcing strict laws, Creon feels that he is able to gain the citizens trust and prevent any types of threat and chaos+ from harming both the citizens and the city. From the audience point of views, this seems logical. However, Creon’s laws and decision to punish the citizens by death if they defy his laws are not justifiable.

On the other hand, Antigone’s personal obligation is to make sure that her brother Ployneics gets the proper burial he deserves, regardless of his betrayal to the country. Antigone puts a lot of emphasis on honoring family and is willing to risk her life and accept
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In addition, Laws are important and should protect the rights of the citizens, not hinder or threaten their morals and freedom. In this sense, Creon’s laws are considered insensitive, cruel, and unjust. Therefore, I am more in favor and sympathetic of Antigone’s decision to go against Creon’s law to bury her brother, because I feel that she stood up courageously not only to defend her family, but for human rights. She did what she felt was right, while all the other citizens including her sister Ismene, followed his laws blindly with fear. Despite her pride, I feel that Antigone did not commit a crime deemed to be punishable by death. Furthermore, by accepting the consequences for defying Creon, she was able to uphold her beliefs to the end, even to her

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