Antigone Feminist Analysis

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In the play “Antigone” the position of a woman capable of acting against the men laws, is normal and permitted in our period, still in the time setting of the play, this was view as an act of disrespect. To clarify, during that period woman were much mistreated and did not have any rights, meaning that the male had all the dominance and authority in the society. The woman were seen as and object of desire and mostly to do house work. To explain, the woman could not have an opinion in a conversation, had no right to vote, hold public office, and own property. Basically there whole life they were being rule from a young age. For instance, this exact situation was presented in much of the literature work from previous eras. They emphasize, how …show more content…
A play where a female went to the extreme of disobeying the laws to do what it was morally correct. The name of this female is Antigone, the niece of Creon, king of Thebes. She was put in a difficult position, when she learn that one of her brother will not be buried for treason to the land, and his corps will be let there to rot, a rule given by his own uncle. Given that, Antigone went against the law stablish by Creon, burying the body only to find out that she will be arrested and sentence to death. Although this looked as an innocence act; this was regarded as a disrespect to the law of the Government. As a result, there was no option but to kill Antigone to make an example that the rules of the government were supreme and nothing was above them. In addition, Antigone did not only challenge the government by burying her brother, but as standing up for herself, stating that only god has law and Creon was wrong. Thus, this open the eyes of the society, and made them revalue how they thought about the woman in general. Meaning that from that point on they saw the female population equally and able to express themselves not caring for

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