Antigone Play Report

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This Wednesday, October 14,2015 I went to see a play called Antigone. The play was directed by Ivo Van Hove ,and it was awfully different than what I was expecting. Antigone is basically a play about a girl named Antigone played by Juliette Binoche trying to bury her brother no matter what the cause ,and her experiences that she goes through to buy her brother. This lovely performance took place at the Power Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. There were many thing in the performance that were done very well but also there were many that I didn 't quite like. Now let 's get started on the details of the performance. The beautiful and bright setting of the performance was by far one of the best things of the performance. The set was a beautiful part of the performance because it had hidden secrets. When you look at the setting at first you will see basically a white blank wall in the background ,and in the front you will see a couch, a few desks ,Chairs ,and a couple of book shelves. But the part that 's …show more content…
The scene that made me believe that putting your family first is the last scene of the performance because that’s when Patrick O 'Kane -Who played Kreon- cried and felt like he lost his life ,and everything ,and that he doesn 't want to live anymore. All that sorrow ,and madness happened because he put the people first and not his family ,and I strongly believe that 's the big idea Van Hove wanted us to think of. This interpretation of Antigone didn 't really work for me because it used many modern words and I really don 't think it an exact interpretation because I don 't think people used to talk that way. It wasn 't effective because I think it made the performance feel like a comedy instead of a tragedy ,and the play was meant to be a tragedy not anything else. The big idea the author was trying to send us was put family first out of

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