Essay about Antigone Is a Tragedy by Aristotle's Rules

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What are Aristotle’s five rules that are necessary to a tragedy? The play Antigone by Sophocles is considered a tragedy. There are five rules created by Aristotle that classify a tragedy. All plays must have catharsis, a tragic hero, a change in fortune within a character, must be poetic, and happen in one location, in one day, and it is all closely related. Two main characters are the king Creon and a girl named Antigone. Antigone is a tragedy because it exhibits and follows all five of Aristotle’s rules. The first rule of Greek tragedy is it must have catharsis. Catharsis is having pity or terror. A character must scare the audience or make the audience feel bad for them. After the play audience must want to lead a better life. In …show more content…
Creon proves himself to be Antigone’s tragic hero.
One of the most important rules is of Greek tragedy, is that there must be a change in fortune within one or more characters. The character must have some sort of epiphany or their actions come back to either help or hurt them. They may even go from ignorance to knowledge. In Creon’s case, he went from ignorance to knowledge. “Yes I have learned it in my bitterness. At this moment / God has sprung on my head with a vast weight / and struck me down. He shook me in my savage ways; / he has overturned joy, has trampled it, / underfoot. This mains men suffer / are pains indeed” (1337-1342). In the story, Creon locks up Antigone in a chamber for her wrongdoings. He realizes that what he did was wrong. He has a change of mind, from good to bad. “For my part, since my intention is so changed, / as I bound her myself, myself will free her. I am afraid it may be best, in the end / of life, to have kept the old accepted laws” (1179-1182). In this quote he says his intention has changed, he no longer wants to have Antigone locked up, nor does he want to kill her. He decides to change his ways and his laws. Creon is that character that goes through the most change in Antigone. The next rule is that a tragedy must be poetic. In Antigone the chorus is the most poetic of all the characters. Using metaphors and personification, there is no doubt that the chorus is a poetic group. “Lucky are those

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