Essay on Antigone : Fate And Free Will

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In life things aren’t always fair, which is showed well in the play Antigone where a woman named Antigone gets killed because of her actions which she believed to be fair. So that brings up another topic, what people think is right. In the play both Creon and Antigone do what they feel and believe is right, at the end of the day Antigone buries her brother because she thinks honor and following her heart is more mighty than what Creon has decreed.
In the play Antigone, by Sophocles, the mighty king Creon makes a rule that no one can bury Polyneices because he had betrayed the city and doesn’t think he deserves a respectful burial. Antigone the sister of Polyneices, goes out of her way to bury her brother contrary to Creon’s rule because of her belief that the God’s rule is more powerful than the king’s.
The theme of the play Antigone is Fate and Free Will, because Antigone believes that the God’s respect and laws are more powerful than any mortals’ and will do anything, even die, to have honor and respect in the afterlife. Creon’s development as a tragic hero grows when Antigone breaks the law Creon made regarding Polyneices’ burial. Antigone’s actions lead to Creon unintentionally killing his whole family by making stubborn and unjustly decisions. Creon’s beliefs and actions contrast with Antigone’s in the play which is to bury her brother regardless of Creon’s rules.
In the play Antigone, Creon is shown to be a tragic hero through his interactions with Antigone which are…

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