Antigone Character Analysis

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Jean Anouilh’s play Antigone is a tragedy inspired by Greek mythology and the play of the same name (Antigone, by Sophocles) from the fifth century B.C. The play Antigone tells the story of a brave girl (one of Oedipus’s daughters) who stands up against the law in order to honor her brother.
The play had many important characters without which the meaning would be incomplete. However, there were many minor characters that completed the play and aided the reader’s understanding which leads us to the question of ‘Which minor character had the most significant role? ’ Minor characters are effective in revealing theme, developing plot and developing characters. In my opinion I think the character Ismene has the most significant role from all the minor characters. However, there were many other minor characters involved in the play such as: Haemon (Antigone’s young fiancé and Creon’s son), Tiresias (the blind soothsayer of Thebes), and Eurydice (was the wife of Creon).
Ismene is Antigone’s last surviving sibling, she is the
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Ismene defines the Innocent girl whom she only wants the best for her family and she doesn’t want any harm. Though she agreed morally with Antigone’s decision to bury Polynices, she is afraid to risk her own life, but at the end she does risk her life because she has nothing else to save her one and only sister Antigone. Ismene is like her sister Antigone in some way for example the both value family ties and the laws of the gods over the laws of man. However she’s just not brave enough to stand up and express her beliefs. Eventually at the end she stands beside her sister and does get the courage to do

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