Antigone By Sophocles ' Antigone Essay

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The play Antigone tells of the obstacles one girl faces while attempting to claim justice for her brother. Written by Sophocles, Antigone, is the story of how the main character, Antigone, tries to bury her brother against the king’s order. Creon, the king, had demanded that Antigone’s brother, Polynieces’, body should be left unburied for vultures to feed on. While Antigone’s actions seem like a revolution, they are not because Antigone is only one person that trying to change the government without any intendment. Not only does Antigone not have a group supporting her, but her own family, including her sister Ismene does not support her decisions. On the contrary, the French Revolution was a massive movement that spurred many people to take a stand and make a change. Unlike Antigone, there were leaders and people that supported the rebellion. There was plenty of bloodshed, but the aftermath was beneficial; there was no monarchy and no laws were biased. Antigone’s rebellion was not a revolution because there is no clear leader and no change is established. Besides the fact that there is no change, not one person supports Antigone’s actions. While, Antigone buries her brother and rebels against Creon’s decree, her actions do not equal a revolution unlike the impressive French Revolution which had supporters, clear leaders and modified laws.
A revolution has a leader or a person who takes the lead and makes an effort to rally the citizens to initiate a change. In Antigone,…

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