Essay on Antigone By Sophocles ' Antigone

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Antigone’s Courageous Character Most works of literature raise many questions in the mind of the reader. As one continues to engage in a story, they might wonder about the choices of certain characters. In Sophocles’ play, Antigone, the heroine, Antigone, faces various challenges within the depths of her twisted family. Some may question Antigone’s purpose in the play, whether it may be to portray a theme or character. The conflicts of her relationships cause her to make rash, yet reasonable, decisions. Antigone’s authentic emotions assure that she is indeed a defined character of the time period.
In 5th Century BCE, the kingdom of Thebes is filled with conflict for the throne after King Oedipus’ death. Those rivalries apply to both Antigone and her family, causing her to make those rash decisions. Her two beloved brothers, Polyneices and Eteocles, are after the grand prize of becoming the next ruler of Thebes. The brothers fight violently, and unfortunately both die at the gruesome hands of the other. Unjustly, only Eteocles is buried in recognition for his efforts of trying to take the throne for the people of Thebes. While Antigone tries to glorify her discredited brother, her uncle, Creon, disagrees with her decisions. Her complications with her Creon lead to the excessive weight of stress on her life, resulting in her suicide. One could easily assume that Antigone’s actions were simply theatrical works, trying to display Sophocles’ overall theme of loyalty. People…

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