Antigone And The Anti Apartheid Movement Essay example

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In 1948 the South African government took a turn for the worst. The National Party gained power in South Africa and its all-white government began immediately enforcing policies of racial segregation. They called it apartheid which was a policy that discriminated on grounds of race, violating human rights. Under the apartheid the black population of South Africa were unjustly persecuted. They were segregated to the extent that they were stripped of their citizenship. Nelson Mandela was an advocate for racial equality who used nonviolence protests to ultimately create the Anti-Apartheid Movement(AAM). In Sophocles’ Antigone, the main character Antigone is faced with the choice to either follow King Creon’s inhuman law and leave her brother Polynices to rot on the field or give her brother a proper burial and face the wrath of her king. Antigone recognizes that human rights are being violated so she proceeds to bury her brother, and when accepting the consequences she remains nonviolent in the face of power. The qualities of being adherent to nonviolence, passion, and dedication are possessed by Nelson Mandela and Antigone that distinguishes them from others and motivate them to risk their lives for what they believe in.

I believe that both Nelson Mandela and Antigone remain nonviolent in order to promote the idea that a powerful presence can outweigh any sort of force. Nelson Mandela’s struggle to peacefully overthrow the pro-apartheid government of South Africa proved…

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