Antigone And Paike A Comparison Essay

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Myla Valentine
Mrs. Jackson
World Lit. 7
13 November, 2015
Antigone and Paikea: A Comparison
Despite having different cultural backgrounds, people can be very similar to one another. In life, people have choices to be helpful or hurtful to their people. Those who choose to help their people go out of their way to fix issues, and their family. These actions are not only helpful to family but their community as well. In Sophocles’ play Antigone, Antigone, the protagonist, sacrifices herself for a greater cause. Antigone is similar to Paikea, the protagonist in Caro’s movie whalerider, as she too sacrifices herself for a greater cause. Antigone and Paikea sacrificed themselves for a greater cause, thus positively affecting their people by enforcing their culture’s beliefs and helping their families. Antigone and Paikea both sacrificed themselves for a greater cause that was larger than themselves. Antigone wanted to bury her brother Polyneices, who died while causing a civil war against his brother. The king, Creon had favored Antigone’s brother Eteocles, thus, resulting in her brother Polyneices to remain unburied. In Greek culture, the unburied do not go to the afterlife, so it was essential for Antigone to bury her brother due to her spiritual beliefs. Antigone wants to bury Polyneices despite Creon’s decree of making it illegal for anyone to bury him, which will result in death by stoning. Antigone speaks with her sister, Ismene in an attempt to convince her to assist in…

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