Essay on Antigone And Creon 's Loyalty

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In Antigone the overall view of the play is basically about family over everything. The death of her brother Polynices causes Antigone and Creon to have different views on loyalty. However, both Antigone and Creon are loyal to the throne, the gods, or Polynices. In this essay I will discuss the difference between Creon and Antigone’s loyalty, how far does Antigone and Creon go to express their loyalty, and who they are loyal to.
Antigone and Creon both describe Loyalty which is the quality of being loyal to something or someone. Loyalty also means a strong feeling of support or allegiance. In the comparison between Antigone and Creon, her uncle and her king, both characters have strong wills. As an example, Antigone is as determined to respect the god-given laws regarding the dead as Theban King Creon is determined to enact and enforce his own manmade laws. Both chance losing a great deal if what they do boomerangs on them. For example, Antigone risks losing her life for violating the law. Although, the King risks losing his kingdom for enacting and enforcing an inhumane, unfair, unjust, unpopular law. They both are descended from Cadmus, the founder of Thebes. Antigone descends from Cadmus through her father King Oedipus. The King and Jocasta, the mother of Antigone and the wife of Oedipus, descend from Cadmus through their father, Menoeceus. In contrast, Antigone believes that manmade laws must harmonize with the higher god-given justice, morality, rites, rituals and…

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