Antigone : A Fiery Argument Between Two Sisters Essay

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Antigone begins with a fiery argument between two sisters: Antigone and Ismene. The play is written by Sophocles, a Greek playwright born in the 400s. Sophocles’ main goal in writing Antigone is to let people in his time period know that the gods were not to be messed with. The main theme in the play is that the gods are always superior to man. The gods’ laws are more important than the king’s laws; therefore, gods are more powerful than man. As the play unfolds, it is clear that Antigone and Ismene have few similarities and are foil characters, with opposing motives, actions, and characteristics. Although the majority of Antigone and Ismene’s characteristics is shown through dialogue and indirect characterization, a few factors can be directly gathered about them. First of all the stage directions state that Antigone speaks “softly” (Sophocles 700) when talking to Creon about Eteocles. Eteocles is already dead and by changing her tone of voice from argumentative to soft shows she has respect for her brother. When Ismene enters and tries to take credit for burying Polyneices, Antigone’s attitude abruptly changes to “coldly” (Sophocles 701). Even though Antigone loves her sister, Ismene, very dearly, she still keeps her in her place. Antigone has done what she considers to be an honorable thing by burying Polyneices (Sophocles 689), and she is not about to let Ismene steal her thunder. Antigone is a rebellious, strong-female leader. Antigone does what she wants to do no…

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