Essay on Antibodies And The Antigens For Vaccine Development

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There are several criteria used to prioritize the known and predicted antigens for vaccine development. They include the demonstration that antibodies against the antigens inhibit P. falciparum growth in vitro, or are protective in animal models, and the display of naturally acquired antibodies and their association with protection from symptomatic disease in malaria endemic populations.1 There are conflicting evidence of the protective effect of the naturally acquired anti-merozoite responses due to several reasons. This can be attributed to the difference in the intensity and stability of exposure to P. falciparum, with immunity to severe and mild disease developing more rapidly in areas with higher transmission.1
In this study we performed a systematic review of cohort studies to determine the relationship between anti-merozoites antibodies and the incidence of P. falciparum malaria in naturally exposed populations.1 The results can be used to study the naturally acquired immunity to malaria and thereby contributing to vaccine development in the future.
The study design used were population-based prospective studies and population-based treatment to reinfections studies.1 The study participants were individuals living in the malaria endemic regions.1 The study excluded pregnant women and children less than 1 year old.
Total immunoglobulin G (IgG) responses to recombinant or synthetic defined merozoite antigens were measured at the baseline (time 0).1 The malaria outcome…

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