Antibiotic Resistance Is A Big Problem Essay

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1. Antibiotic resistance is a big problem and one that is getting worse.
Use the CDC site or other sources to answer these questions about antibiotic resistance. Please site your sources. Answer each part in 2-3 sentences. (2 points) CDC site:
a. Briefly describe practices that are contributing to antibiotic resistance.
First, it must be understood that antibiotic resistance happens to some degree no matter what since bacteria are constantly evolving; resistance can only be slowed down but can never be completely stopped. The misuse (e.g. incorrect dosage or duration of dose) and unnecessary prescription of antibiotic drugs among humans are major contributing factors to resistance. The overuse of antibiotics in animals used for human consumption, especially for growth purposes, has also been contributing to resistance. The increased spread of antibiotic resistance from person to person and environment to person is also aiding in creating a more robust resistance (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015).
b. Briefly explain one mechanism by which a bacteria becomes antibiotic resistant.
Conjugation is one way in which bacteria can become antibiotic resistant from other bacteria. Conjugation is a mating-like process in which one bacterium transfers its genetic material, including genes, which code for antibiotic resistance, to another bacterium. Bacteria can go on via conjugation or other means (e.g. mutation, virus…

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