Essay on Antibiotic Resistance : Antimicrobial Resistance

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Antibiotic resistance is the ability of bacteria to resist the effects of drugs (About Antimicrobial Resistance). It happens when the antibiotic loses its ability to control or kill bacterial growth in the human body. Even though resistance is a natural phenomenon that occurs like natural selection in bacteria, it should not be causing as much of a problem with humans as it has been increasingly through the years (General Background: About Antibiotic…). Antibiotic resistance can be naturally acquired by bacteria through horizontal or vertical gene transfer as well as bacteria having the ability to adopt “free” bacteria from the environment it is in (General Background: About Antibiotic…). The reason antibiotic resistance has become such a problem is not due to this natural process in bacteria. The widespread epidemic of antibiotic resistance is from the misuse of prescription antibiotic drugs (General Background: About Antibiotic…). According to the CDC, around fifty percent of antibiotics are prescribed when they aren’t needed or not within correct dosage or duration. Resistance of bacteria can be naturally reversed by the same process that they obtained the resistance in the first place; however, this process is not done as readily as the resistance occurs (General Background: About Antibiotic…). Some researchers say the severity of the situation could eventually threaten the advances of modern medicine due to these bacteria being so resistant that people may die from…

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