Antibiotic Resistance And Its Effects On Society Essay examples

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Antibiotics has changed modern medicine into what we know today, saving many lives and alleviating the suffering of individuals [1]. Around the 1940s, the use of penicillin and streptomycin effectively controlled the prevalence of bacterial infections, dramatically improving life expectancy [2]. However, antibiotic resistance started to evolve and there is a constant demand for the development of new compounds as the lifespan of pre-existing antibiotics is significantly reduced [3]. Nevertheless, over the last few decades, antibiotic resistance is spreading faster than the availability of new compounds creating a worldwide crisis for the public health sector [3]. Infectious diseases that were easily treated with antibiotics has now become a threat to the benefits of the Millennium Development Goals, which aimed to reduce mortality and improve health outcomes [4].

Causes of Antibiotic Resistance
One of the contributing factors to antibiotic resistance is the inappropriate use [1]. With increasing consumption of antibiotics due to excess and inaccurate prescription, there is a rise in the development and distribution of resistant strains of bacteria [5]. Antibiotic resistance is able to develop among different species of bacteria through the process of horizontal gene transfer when plasmids, a genetic element containing resistant genes, undergo conjugation [6]. Spontaneous mutation can also lead to resistance and through natural selection, competitors that are…

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