Antibacterial Activity Of Green Synthesized Gmgk Capped Aunps

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Antibacterial activity of green synthesized GMGK capped AuNPs was analyzed against gram –negative (E. coli) and Gram-positive (B.subtilis) bacteria. The zone of inhibition of AuNPs against Gram –negative and Gram-positive bacteria were evaluated by the disc diffusion method. Figure 10. shows the zones of inhibition of E.Coli and B.subtilis against AuNPs. Ampicillin was used as the positive control. The bacteria inhibition clear zones of both E.Coli and B.subtilis can be observed around the well, while no clear zone of inhibition was observed for the CMGK alone sample. Both E.Coli and B.subtilis had the same results, which indicated the strong antibacterial activity of AuNPs. Based on this observation, it can be however be concluded that the synthesized AuNPs showed significant antibacterial action on both gram classes of bacteria.


The present study reports the simple, green synthesis of gold nanoparticles by using CMGK acted as a reducing and stabilizing agent. The synthesized AuNPs were characterized by UV−vis, TEM, XRD and FTIR techniques. The XRD pattern showed that the synthesized AuNPs were highly crystalline. The TEM images showed that the synthesized AuNPs were spherical in shape and the average size distribution of 12 ± 2 nm. The catalytic activity of green synthesized AuNPs was examined by the hydrogenation of 4-NP reaction. The reduction of 4-NP to 4-AP is a pseudo first order. The rate constant of 0.091 min-1 reaction is a pseudo first order with…

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