Anti Slavery Movement

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Slavery, such an extremely violent, inhuman practice existed in American history, is a significant event that deeply influenced the culture and society. The question is that how and why it was formed. In addition, what led to the anti-slavery movement that later reformed it. Many factors make a difference in the macro social process, but almost all of them there is a common reason. The existence of both slavery and anti-slavery movement is part of the natural development of society. Through progressive market economy to even people’s living style, the need of social growth led up to the historic evolvement of society, as well as the pursue of better life quality for individual.
One factor strongly affect slavery is the process of industrialization
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Individuals naturally prefer to improve life quality, and the society as a whole progresses eventually as time passes. In this process, the key factor is contribution, rather than other things like moral or et cetera. For example, the KFC chicken farm has been a controversial topic for recent years because of animal welfare and rights. The industry has a developed mass production system to process chickens in a way to obtain higher profit. Millions of chicken was destined to be fast food after their life span of thirty-five days. Their rights are not enforced significantly in action even though people talk about it, for their most economical valuable way of contribution to human is to be eaten, sadly. Although fast food industry today seems not right for moral impression, animal rights for chicken are hard to be realized without other significance. The occurrence of change requires conditions allowing it to happen. Like WWI for women rights and industrialization for northern slaves in the antebellum period, the society changes their way of contribution that gives them chance to see and rewrite their social image and …show more content…
In the old south, the keystone of economy is the cotton production. A few white plantation owners possess most lands and resources to dominate the market. Rather than hiring workers, the slavery system provide lest costly labor force to maximize the profit. When this dehumanizing and systematic slavery was developed, it hurts both African slaves and poor white people without plantation. In this case, history has also proved itself that people as a group to prefer profit to moral standard. There were moral standards indeed, and most of them are based on Christian doctrine. However, it still can be proceed with bias. Like Fredrick Douglass wrote in his book, there were two types of Christian, one of them hypocritically moralized the act of

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