Anti-Serum Lab Essay

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Introduction: In this lab, we took a blood sample of Mr. Green’s blood to figure out his blood type and to see how the blood sample reacts to Anti-A serum, Anti-B serum, and Anti-Rh serum. Anti-Serum is a blood serum that contains antibodies that are against a specific antigen, it is used to protect or treat a specific disease. This lab is also important because it shows the importance of knowing the blood type of a person so that the person will not receive the wrong type of blood. Blood type O is the universal donor because it has no A or B antigens on the surface of red blood cell. AB is the universal recipient because it has A and B antigens, which means that there aren’t any reactive antibodies in the plasma that will fight against the antigens. Negative can give to positive but positive cannot give to negative. A can give back to itself and AB. B can give back to itself and AB. This experiment will also help us not only figure out what blood type Mr. Green has but if he is positive or negative
Objective: Mr. Green was in a bad car crash and was taken to the hospital. When he arrived at the hospital it was discovered that Mr. Green was anemic and had low blood and on top of that he lost a lot of blood in the car crash. Mr. Green
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If a person receives the wrong type of blood a lot of bad things will take place such as their erythrocytes will begin to tear down, and agglutination will take place, which is when red blood cells, bacteria, and other cells start clumping together because of the presence of an antibody. Therefore, knowing a person’s blood type would prevent these types of things from happening. An agglutination reaction can be reversed by mixing the sample blood type with a reagent group and once this is done is will show any signs of Anti-A or Anti-B in the sample. Once this is done you can compare your first sample to the agglutination

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