Anti Semitism During The Holocaust Essay

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On the subject of post-holocaust anti-Semitism, many of the social/political views around the world on the Jewish people changed vastly after hearing of the travesty they were put through, while surprisingly others started to become Anti-Semitic as a result of the event’s occurrence. As for the former, largely over the years the fear that the Holocaust put into our hearts taught us of the negative potential that Anti-Semitic ideals can bring even if it took a certain sum of years to reach that idealism. The following quote from the article by the name of Anti-Semitism after the Holocaust – Also in Denmark explains an anti-Semitist individual as “a person who hates Jews.” This is then clarified in the same article describing anti-Semitism to also be “motivated by other reasons than hatred against Jews (i.e. career, greed, oath of allegiance, etc.). A workable definition could be: a person who participates in any stage of the anti-Semitic process.” Christian Anti-Semitism is one of the most prevalent groups as their belief is centered around their savior being bullied and eventually killed by the Jewish people in the distant past, which is spiked by the sermons of some (not all) priest with Anti-Semitic ideals, such as when a Mr. Anders Gadegaard, a priest in Denmark, gave a sermon in Copenhagen’s main church with clear anti-Semitic views on the 30th of December, 2001. He says in a line from his speech the following quote provided by’s “Anti-Semitism After the…

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