Anti Semitism Before The Holocaust Essay

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Anti Semitism Before the Holocaust
Why is that the world blames the Jews for its problems? The Holocaust is known as the universal example of Jewish persecution, but was it the first time Jews encountered anti Semitism? Much of the world likes to think that it was started by the Nazis, but this is by far erroneous; the Holocaust was by no means the catalyst of anti Semitism. Antisemitism is known as the prejudice against Jews. “The term [Anti-Semitism] was first used by a German in 1879, William Marr,who founded the “League for Anti-Semitism,” (“Classical and Christian Anti-Semitism”). It can take many forms; it is not just confined to establishing laws for Jews. Christianity was actually derived from Judaism. Consequently, this is why Christian anti Semitic views are often seen in the world today.
Christianity and Antisemitism Early signs of anti Semitism arose due to the creation of Christianity. Upon the establishment of Christianity as the Roman Empire’s state religion, anti Semitism began to take its toll on the Jewish people (Robinson). Just like during the Holocaust, Jews felt the blow of the blame game with the Christian people. “Unfortunately, Jews were stamped with the pernicious label of "Christ killers," meaning that Jews as a people were responsible for the death of Christ,” (Robinson). Even though the Jewish people were already hated for being “Christ killers”, it didn’t stop the Christian people from persecuting the Jews even further. For example, A public…

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