Essay about Anti Semitism And The Holocaust

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Merriam-Webster defines the term anti-Semitism as “ hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group”. The different forms of anti-Semitism that Jewish people have had to deal with breaking over half of the 30 articles in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, like Article 18 “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion…”. Jewish people often had their religious freedom revoked over the years and other discriminatory actions. Anti-Semitism has existed for centuries, discrimination and lies spread about Jews over the years contributed to the Holocaust and the problem of anti-Semitism still exists what we need to learn from this is that we can not allow the hatred of a people to build up to point of genocide.
Anti-semitism has existed since ancient times and could be even traced far back enough to 6th century BCE. Phyllis Goldstein “A Convenient Hatred: The History of Antisemitism” (2012) points out the fact that scholars believe that the beginning of the anti-Semitism was because of how the Jewish people migrated to new areas (7). The Jewish had to scatter throughout Eurasia they were often fleeing from something whether is was incoming invaders or the threat of being enslaved. When they arrived in new areas they were treated as minorities and often outcasts. People began to feel superior to the Jews as they were the natives to the land while the Jewish people were viewed as rude invaders. The Jewish…

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