Anti Semitism : An Anti Semitic Essay

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Over the years, scholars of Judaism have often pondered what could be done to lessen or abolish an anti-Semitic environment. The Jewish nation has been persecuted for many thousands of years for not only its beliefs but also its lack of cohesion. In one regard, Judaic culture is fractured and needs to have a true Jewish stronghold to show oppressors that they are once again empowered. In contrast, the oppressors might see the Jewish stronghold as a way to quickly eliminate the culture. The Jews have been pressured for centuries by various nations because of their lack of assimilating to the “proper” way of life.
The Jews faced countless occurrences of oppression whether that be from the Nazis or other anti-Semitic organizations whose goal was to drive out the bad in society. In Germany, anti-Semitism was not that prominent in every day society in the late nineteenth century as well as in the early twentieth century. The post-1918 period marks the first time that anti-Semitic language started to seep into German society. It was a time of great fear for the Jews because they did not know how severely this was going to affect them from a socioeconomic standpoint. Furthermore, in the years 1922 and 1923, there was an occurrence of hyper-inflation, which means that inflation was over 50%. Signifying that a $1 was worth less than 50 cents. Along with this economic effect came with it the degradation of human life. Street fighting became of a popular way of dealing with this…

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