Anti Semitic And Anti Semitism Essay

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The popularization of Anti-Semitic behaviour and allegations have a long history in Europe. Particularly during the fin de siecle, anti-Jewish sentiments had increasingly found themselves to be in vogue, as much of the European population viewed the Jews as their misfortune. This notion was further agitated by the press running sensationalized stories that villainized the Jewish population. This paper will examine the extent to which the rise and vitality of Anti-Semitism during the fin de siecle in Europe was due to the use of anti-Semitic press, papers and journalists that would publish stories, lore, and rumours that acted to solidify and validate the anti-Semitism beliefs. Particularly in Germany, Anti-Semitism was used popularized as a means of constructing identity through the binary of German and the Jew, the latter being used as the Other. Firstly, it will analyze how and to what extent anti-Semitic newspapers spread. It will also examine the ways in which these newspapers popularized and legitimized anti-Semitism.
Newspapers during the fin de siecle were used as a tool of spreading Anti-Semitic thought and garnering the attention of the public. A wide variety of anti-Semitic press existed, such as the Preußische Jahrbucher, Konitzer Tageblatt, and perhaps most infamously, Die Staatsburgerzeitung. Anti-Semitic columns were published in these national newspapers, and were able to reach a wide audience. For instance, the Dreyfus affair and the Hruza case are both…

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