Anti Realism : Fight The Power Essay

924 Words Dec 11th, 2015 4 Pages
Anti-realism, Cultural Identification, Violence, Interruption, Mobility, Do The Right Thing.
Do The Right Thing continues to be a reflection on today reality; there is still an existing of violence, segregation, cultural identification, authority’s abuse and mobility. Even the film theme “fight the power” have an existing of today reality. Neighborhood coming together to fight the people who are in power such as the government and authorities. This film also have racism, stereotypes, distrust and gentrification. Do The Right Thing plot was on an average day on the street of Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn in 1989. Brooklyn during those time time was not a safe place to live in. In the film you can observed the harsh reality and urban racial conflicts among groups. This Brooklyn neighbored had group’s tension among African American, Italian, Puerto Rican, White American, and Koran. Do The Right Thing focused on cultural identification, violence, Interruption, Anti-realism, groups fighting the power, and camera angles took the place of Mobility of the characters storytelling.
Moreover, I agreed with Sharon Wills’ article, “A theatre of Interruption. According to Sharon Wills, fundamental to Do The Right Thing’s antirealist project is its plainly “classical” structure, based on the prescribed rules of classical Greek drama.” I agreed with Sharon Wills because it maintain it focused uniting it time and place. This film was in 1989, and it show a transition of twenty-four hour…

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