Anti Police Movement Essay

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Anti-Police movement in the USA
About 1.2 million law enforcement agents in the United States are good citizens who risk their lives to protect and to serve the innocent. But with high tech now capturing dubious incidents caused by unprofessional acts of very few Police Officers, it is easier for some people to stablish an argument and in many cases, easier to distortion the truths and condemn the entire Law Enforcement community.
Police Officers are citizen in the service of their country with families and many love ones to care for, their main goal is to protect and to serve their community and to return home every day. Law enforcement Officers are expose to a high level of stress that in many cases affect their ability to make the best
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The United States is facing for the most part a positive change about the way policing is performed in the country. Modern Policing is shifting the basic personality of police work and its association to the courts and community, due to the many changes and strong protest of minority groups and the conscious concerned of Police leadership. Many positive changes and standard operational procedures had been adjusted or created to improve the traditional method of policing, adopting new technology that will record every encounters with the citizens of the United States. (1).
In the other hand, Crime in the USA is observing an increase on violent offenses against persons and more delinquency against property. Many of the offenses are wrongly attributed by society in general to the minority ethnics groups in the Unites States. The real true is that statistics reveal that ethnic minorities are no more involved in crime than whites but they are discriminated against by society.
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The current polemic surrounding racial profiling in America has dedicated renewed consideration on the larger problem of racial bias by the police. Yet little is known about the amount of police racial bias and even less about public observations of the problem. In many cities Police Officers are obtaining more training about fairness and equalities to the public in general. In the other hand, the Anti-Police Movement in the USA is gaining more negative effects of its followers making the job of protecting and serving to others more difficult and definitely unsafe.

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