Anti Bullying Essay

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The Need for Enhanced Anti-Bullying Laws and School Programs
Lisa Aparicio
Saint Joseph’s College

The Need for Enhanced Anti-Bullying Laws and School Programs Bullying was traditionally considered rites of passage, something all children and youth must go through. This is a myth. In today’s violent growing society, bullying has been responsible for several acts of non-punishable crimes. The lack of attention to implementing and enforcing anti-bullying state laws, and funding anti-bullying school programs, is only making this problem worse. There is not enough being done to help prevent bullying, and the reason behind this is merely because, not enough is being enforced by our government and schools systems. There are those
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Life ended for Desire that afternoon by her choice of one undesirable option- an option considered, practiced, and set aside until that day-one ending with death but surely more about escape” (p.7). Every day there are young, and old civilians being bullied. The most severely tortured victims, have thought about ending their life, or have done so. Bullying is the silent murderer, and it needs to be stopped. There are so many people getting away with murder, and nothing is being done. A mere suspension of school days or work, will never bring a solution to society’s bullying problem. State Laws and school policies will ensure these mind and soul torturing acts, are being taken care of, and that those responsible are being held responsible. Schools are where victims are being seen the most. In the past couple of years, many schools have enforced programs which have proven to be successful, and must be mandated by all schools throughout the U.S. Data collected from more than 11,000 elementary and middle school students measuring overt and relational aggression found that 61 percent of girls and 60 percent of boys had been bullied one or more times a month by being “teased in a mean way,” and that 22 percent of girls and 33 percent of boys had been threatened with physical harm (Nishioka, et al., 2011). Schools should be free of these crimes, and should only be a safe haven and a place to learn. These are our future leaders of tomorrow, and school

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