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Daniela Hunt Dr. Eisentraut Anth101 T/TH October 22,2013

Zoo Assignment

For the primate observation project I went to the Santa Barbara zoo to observe and contrast different types of primates. I observed one species of an old world monkey, which was a gorilla and two different species of new world monkeys, which were the Bolivian Grey Titi Monkey and also the Golden Lion Tamerin.
The first type of primate I observed was a Bolivian Grey Titi Monkey which is a type of new world monkey species found in areas of eastern Bolivia and also can be found in Brazil. The scientific term for this species is Callicebus donacophilus. These types of monkeys have medium sized body
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The other species of new world monkeys that I observed is known as the Golden Lion Tamarin, which is native to Brazil. The scientific name for this species is the Leotopithecus rosalia. These monkeys have a small; head surrounded by a golden, lion-like mane and are covered in an orange coat of fur all over their bodies. This species has a small, squirrel sized structure compared to the other primates that I observed. The tamarins moved quadrupedicaly among the branches while walking, running and leaping from branch to branch. They have long tails that they use to help balance while traveling throughout the trees. They are an arboreal species and spend most of their time among the trees. For most of the time I was observing I noticed that the Tamarin seemed less active than the other primates in the cage. For the majority of the time of I was observing, I noticed that one individual Tamarin remained resting in a wooden boxed like burrow for most of the time. Another individual seemed to be scavenging for food that remained on the ground. This monkey would leap down from the branches onto the ground and used its hands and long claws to pick the food that it found and then leap up back into the trees. Tamarins’ diets are omnivorous, feeding mostly on fruits but also eating insects, small reptiles or small mammals. Because they are so small it made them more difficult to observe through the cage wire but

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